Could Money Be the Cause of Your Future Breakup?

People think they know why breakups and divorces occur, but most are actually dead wrong. The answer most people would pick is infidelity, and while that is a serious problem, the major issue is money. More people have arguments over money than you would think, and in addition to that, it tends to cause the most breakups. If you are having arguments over this very thing in your own relationship, then you will need to rethink it, and do so quickly. Otherwise you risk losing the love of your life!

Arguments over Spending

Times are getting complicated, and as a result there are several things to argue about, especially in a relationship. As it turns out, the arguments you have over money and financial decisions tend to be the most intense, and the cause of many breakups. Instead of allowing it to destroy your relationship however, there are ways you can resolve the problem without resorting to a breakup, believe it or not.

Step 1: Rather than feeling guilty, angry, or putting your fist through a wall, you need to spend some time finding a solution to your problem. In addition to that, you need to find a solution that lets both parties feel as if they have a voice in the situation. In other words, come up with a solution together! Couples that work and problem solve together have a better chance of staying together.

Step 2: Build a Budget: all families are structured differently, but no matter what yours happens to be, you need to create a budget, and that budget needs to cover everything. In addition to that, everyone will need to be left with a little bit to spend on themselves. If you want to achieve this, make small purchases, and avoid large purchases that will only serve to ruin the budget for that month.

Step 3: Separate Yourselves: all couples will have a joint account which is used for monthly bills, but having private money to spend is always a necessity. If you want to keep separate accounts, along with a joint account, both parties should contribute money from their private accounts to the joint account to ensure bills are paid for. At the end of the month you’ll still have a little bit of money left over!

Step 4: Seek Help: if the problem is becoming bigger than you can handle, then it might be a good idea to start seeking help. For example you may find it beneficial to seek out the advice of a financial counselor or even a therapist. Shopping, and compulsive spending, may actually fill an emotional void, especially if it is causing problems in your relationships. Get the help you need and move on!

In relationships, spending can be a serious problem. This is not an issue you can ignore! If you ignore it, it will never get fixed, and it will nag at you day and night. It will be the cold sore you cannot get rid of and the disease that will destroy your marriage from the inside out. Address the problem now, before it is too late!

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