Colors and Shapes – Your Simple Guide in Identifying Types of Extinguishers

We have different techniques in associating things or identifying things. We do this to ensure that everything is organized and to make work faster. The most common technique that we use is symbols. For example, in a building, we associate a fire exit by the word “EXIT” which is normally lighted with fluorescent bulb. Another technique used is by using colors. Pink is normally associated with the female gender and blue is for the male. Awareness ribbons for cancer have different colors too. Red is for HIV or Aids. Pink is for breast cancer. Lavender is a symbolism for cancer of unknown cause.

The colors that we see in our everyday life do not only produce images that are pleasant and attractive to the eyes but they play an important role. Because of its application to our lives, coding has made our task easier because things are readily identifiable without use of words. Emergencies also call for use of colors. In triaging (which means prioritizing of cases to give immediate attention), colors are very important. Black means dead; green means minor; red means life threatening; and yellow means treatment can be delayed. Even for devices like extinguishers, fire extinguisher colours are needed to know what kind of device you will be using.

The main goal of this article is to know the colors used to identify the type and to where it can be used. They are usually enclosed in a geometrical figure. Below are some of it:

1. Green- This is the shade to signify the devices that can be used in Class A fires or ordinary materials that can be easily burned like papers, clothes and trash. Its geometrical figure is a triangle. Definitely, when you see this label, it means it can be used for any organic solid material without risk of recurring.

2. Red- This is the shade to label extinguishers for combustible liquids like kerosene, oil, gasoline and other liquids that fall in the Class B category. Its geometrical figure is square. They are very effective in cooling combustible liquid in high temperature without risking re-ignition of fire.

3. Blue- This is the shade to signify the devices used to battle fire from electrical devices. Its geometrical shape is circle. This is the safest device to use in extinguishing fire of electrical source this way you do not end up destroying your other electronic gadgets and you are not at risk of electrocution.

4. Yellow- This is the shade used to identify Class D extinguishers that can be used against combustible metals. Its geometrical shape is yellow. They have smothering effect against a burning metal. This is most useful in laboratories or any workplace that uses materials like this.

Fire extinguisher colours are very important because it facilitates ease in distinguishing what can be applied to a specific type of fire. They can be even used together with pictograms. With proper training about these devices, one can easily depict what can be used in times of emergency situations.

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