Clawfoot Bathtub – A Perfect Touch to Your Bathroom

The most prominent thing in any bathroom is the bathtub. For several years homes had bathtubs that were square and flush with the floor and wall. However, in the past few years designers have found that the claw foot bathtub has added considerably to the bathroom décor when carrying through a Victorian design.

It is interesting to note that the original claw foot bathtub was built from a horse trough with legs added on in the 1880’s. Today finds the tubs far beyond this original concept. There are basic styles as well as shapes and various colors of claw foot bathtubs. Pedestal, classic, slipper and double-ended are the basic shapes that most people are familiar with. Styles come in cast iron and acrylic. The acrylic tub includes polyester resins, fiberglass, acrylics, and ceramic powders. The cast iron tub is made of iron and is coated with high grade enamel. The iron tub is very heavy while the acrylic tub is lightweight and easier to clean.

In decorating the bathroom in the Victorian style one might wish to also include a washbasin with claw feet and other appropriate décor. To go all out it might fit in to have an old style toilet with the water tank holding water above the toilet rather than directly attached to the toilet. There is also claw foot hardware to fit each of the bathroom fixtures.

Some of the faucets of the claw foot tub stand free, on the outside of the tub, with the only tub opening being the drain hole. These faucets usually have their own enclosure and blend in nicely with the surroundings. Others have the faucets on the edge of the tub or affixed to the inside. If using a previously owned claw foot tub it is recommended that the same style of faucet be used to avoid having to drill holes in the tub. If the tub previously had faucets on the tub interior then they should be replaced in the same manner as it is virtually impossible to completely seal a previous opening in the tub. The faucets used in claw foot tubs can vary a great deal.

Some claw foot bathtubs have a spray type hose attached to a pipe rising above the faucets. At the end of this pipe is a cradle that holds a sprayer. This is very convenient for rinsing soap from the hair or body.

Claw foot bathtub accessories come in many beautiful designs. The entire faucet and water dispenser may be fashioned like a beautiful bird or some other outstanding design. This theme can be carried over to the other items in the bathroom such as the washbasin, curtains, etc. These designs can be of almost any color or material desired. Brass, copper, chrome, and other metals are available to complete the decorating scheme and add a great deal of appeal. Some designers choose a tub with gold feet which makes a white tub really outstanding and truly representative of the Victorian era. With imagination and reviewing books of this era, a beautiful bathroom can be designed for all to appreciate.

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