Choosing the Right Fire Warden Among Your Staff

All over the world, people have become more conscious about fire safety and protection. In the UK, fire safety is always a top priority especially in the workplace. In fact, employers and business owners are required to appoint a fire warden or marshall who will be responsible in overseeing safety within the premises. According to the Fire Safety order established in 2005, it is necessary for wardens to undergo extinguisher and emergency preparedness trainings. Because of the complicated nature of a warden’s responsibilities, it is imperative for business owners to find the right person for the job.

Responsibilities of a Fire Warden

The general duty of the fire warden is to oversee everything that has to do with safety, prevention, and protection. For one, the warden is in-charge of supervising drills and seminars as well as in raising awareness among employees regarding these aspects. He or she is also responsible for checking regularly safety equipment such as extinguishers and smoke detectors. Not only that, the marshall should see to it that firefighting tools are always in the right place. Moreover, it is also the duty of the fire warden to carry out emergency procedures during an actual accident such as alert the brigade, and help evacuate people out of the building. Since the fire warden cannot do all of the tasks alone, he or she may assign people to help carry out these assignments.

Qualities of a Fire Warden

When looking for a fire warden among your staff, it is essential to keep in mind that a good marshall is someone who is smart, confident, calm and level-headed. This person should have exceptional organisation skills, leadership qualities, and ability to respond immediately and rationally during emergencies. Never appoint someone who panics in stressful situations. It is also very important to choose someone who has the willingness to undertake such a demanding and crucial role. If a person seems uncomfortable or doubtful about the job, then the role is not for him or her.

Training a Fire Warden

Fire wardens are required to undergo several trainings, educational seminars, and drills. In the seminars, wardens learn the theory of combustion, the theoretical approach to fire fighting, the important measures of fire prevention, and the different types of fire extinguishers and the classes of fire they are designed to fight off, among many others. After which, they will be trained for practical application of what they have learned in theory. During the training, wardens would learn how to use a fire hose, extinguisher, fire blanket, and many other types of fire fighting devices. Upon completing the training, the wardens receive an IFE (Institute of Fire Engineers) approved certificate of attendance.

Fire wardens play a crucial role in the maintenance of safety in the workplace. They are responsible to oversee fire preventive measures, carry out emergency procedures, and ensure overall safety and protection in the company. Because of this, it is imperative that the business owner is able to choose the right person for this demanding but valuable role.

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