Carpet Cleaning Tips: Removing Toothpaste Stains on the Carpet

Having a nice smile can certainly make a big difference in the way people act around you. A beautiful smile is surely one thing that everyone would want to have and in order to get it you must do your share in practicing proper dental hygiene.

Taking care of your teeth in order to keep then white and clean can sometimes be tough. Luckily, there are now many items that can be utilized in order to help you get those bright, pearly white teeth. Using the right toothpaste can really help you achieve your goal but you must remember to avoid having it smeared on your carpet or else you would have a very big problem on your hands.

Toothpaste stains can be really tough to deal with for any homeowner. To help you out with this ordeal, check out the guide below on how to remove the toothpaste stains on your carpet effectively.

1. Begin by scooping up the toothpaste which has been spilled on the carpet. You can use a dull knife or a sponge to do this. Just remember to be careful so that you don’t spread the stain further.

2. Next, use a combination of one part non-bleach laundry detergent with four parts of warm water to make yourself a cleaning solution that will be effective in removing any kind of stain which has been caused by the toothpaste on your carpet. Once you have this ready, place it in an empty spray bottle and take it with you to the stained portion of the carpet.

3. Spray the affected area a couple of times with the cleaning solution you have prepared. Let it set for a couple of minutes first before doing anything so that it will break down the toothpaste stain. Then, after about three minutes, use a clean white cloth to blot the area repeatedly.

4. Continue to blot the stain on your carpet until it is completely gone. It could take some time as sometimes the stain can be very stubborn but you should remember to be patient and keep at it until it is completely gone.

5. Rinse the carpet with room temperature water to flush out any residue that could potentially cause build-up which can harm your carpet fibers over time. Then, dry the carpet with some clean towels to finish the task.

Toothpaste stains aren’t really that easy to clean up on your carpet but it is certainly very doable. Make sure that you keep the tips above in mind so that you won’t have a hard time dealing with this problem in the future.

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