Building Muscle – The Best Way to Develop Your Abs

Everyone wants their abs to look well defined. Having well defined abs can boost your confidence and sex appeal. It comes with a price, you need to train hard to get it. This article will show you 10 steps to get well defined abs.

Step 1: Schedule four to five sessions of abs training every week.

Step 2: Work your abs muscle by doing crunches

Step 3: Do at least two sets of fifteen to twenty repetitions of standard crunch, reverse crunch, and oblique crunch. Add another extra set if you feel it’s not challenging. You will soon notice the difference in four to six weeks.

Step 4: Do 10 repetitions of jackknives

Lie down with your legs straight. Raise both hands up above your head. Lift your upper and lower body simultaneously. Lift your upper and lower body such that your arms and legs are as close as possible. Hold this position for a while, then slowly return to initial position.

Step 5: Do 10 repetitions of side bend exercise

Stand straight with both arms holding a dumbbell each. Lower the dumbbell on your left arm as low as possible. Feel the contraction on your right abs, hold it and slowly return to initial position. Do it the same way for your left abs.

Step 6: Include cardio exercise in your workout session

Try aerobic exercise (walking, jogging) twenty to thirty minutes a day at low or moderate intensity four times a week. The recommended intensity is 55-75% of your maximum ability. You know you exercise at the right intensity when you can still talk to someone without losing your breath. To measure your heart rate, use a heart rate monitor.

Step 7: Adjust your workout intensity

Running, swimming, cycling are some alternatives you can do to keep you from being bored.

Step 8: Leg raises

Sit in upright position on a chair. Put your hands at your sides (palms facing down). Keep your legs straight ahead. Slowly lift your legs vertically, hold it for a few seconds. Slowly lower your legs to initial position.

Step 9: Pelvic Raises

Lie down on the floor. Lift your pelvic up a few inches off the floor then slowly lower it as low as possible without touching the floor.

Step 10: Squat

Squat is a good exercise to train your core muscles. Not only does it train your harmstring and gluteus muscles, but it also train your abs and oblique, which are your internal and external abs.

More tips to strengthen your abs:

– To increase your strength, lift weight slowly

– Get enough rest and get on a low fat diet

– For best results, combine abs exercises with back exercises

– Do jackknife and crunch exercises on a thick mat to prevent pain

– When your abs are stronger, train your thigh and leg muscles to add more overall body strength.

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