Buddhist Jewelry – Symbols of Spirituality

There are many different styles of Buddhist jewelry to choose from. However, what is the right style for you? While most jewelry is a personal preference, Buddhist jewelry isn’t just a fashion statement. Instead they should be used to help heal your body and mind. Allowing you to gain either enlightenment or health through wearing Buddhist Jewelry.

One of the most popular are necklaces, charms, earrings, or rings that display the beautiful lotus flower. As a symbol of enlightenment the lotus has become an essential symbol in Buddhist jewelry. Whether it is molded from sterling silver, carved from a beautiful authentic jade stone, or 24K gold; the lotus is one of the most popular pieces of Buddhist inspired jewelry.

You may even find a Stupa interlaced with Buddhist jewelry pieces. Of which is the Buddhist symbol of the elements “Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Again like many other pendants or pieces of jewelry they can be found in different materials. However the mot common is sterling silver or a deep bronze. They can often times become fairly difficult to find locally, so you should utilize the internet to save you time in searching.

Another common symbol in Buddhist jewelry is the Prayer wheel. Often times seen as a necklace pendant or earrings; since they can be fairly bulky for rings. The Prayer wheel normally is found carved with auspicious symbols along with the mantra. Some prayer wheel jewelry even contains an authentic paper prayer scroll. Allowing you to keep a prayer in your heart at all times.

The Om Mani Padme Hum isn’t just a popular Buddhist symbol. It is a beautiful jewelry piece as well. Of which is extremely popular with the yoga crowd. Whether it is 24k gold or sterling silver it is a beautiful addition to anyone’s jewelry collection. Unfortunately, these pieces can be fairly difficult to find. So utilizing the internet to find one is a must to save time.

Astamangala is another popular symbol used in Buddhist jewelry. Offering a beauty that is rivaled by very few. The Astamangala is often times seen with auspicious emblems; of which are believed to represent gifts given by celestial beings. These gifts being to Sakyamuni Buddha on his journey to enlightenment. These beautiful charms can be purchased as a completed jewelry piece, or as individual charms. Whether they are molded from polyresin, sterling silver, 24k gold, or delicately carved out of jade. They make the perfect addition to anyone’s jewelry box.

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