Ascended Masters and Archangels

Did you know that the angelic realm talks to you by number sequences? Truth! Have you ever notices that you can see the same number or number sequence many times over, and wonder why that is happening to you. You may look at the clock and see the same number(s) or even a different number. Perhaps your guardian angels want you to notice a specific number and you will automatically glance over to a building address. They don’t stop trying to get our attention either. Even to the point of our getting a sickening feeling in the pit of our stomach, because we are feeling that we’ve forgotten something.

Sometimes you will be driving along, and notice the numbers on the license plate of the car in front of you. At times this could seem maddening. The Ascended Masters and Archangels are trying to tell you something, but you just don’t know that they were using numbers as a way to communicate with you; and or how to decipher their message.

Believe me; if you purchase the book; “Angel Numbers” by Doreen Virtue, PhD, you will understand what I’m sharing with you. Just from copying down the numbers that you see; it will answer a lot of questions you wanted to know about yourself and what’s going on in your life today. I uploaded a “Kindle” app and then I purchased an e-book from from Doreen’s writings. I found so much insight in her research of angelic beings and their involvement in our lives that I purchased many more of her published works.

You are probably wondering; if you don’t already know, who the Ascended Masters and Archangels are. Some of the most popular Ascended Masters that we have heard of are, for instance, Jesus, Moses and Mary, (mother of Jesus) and many others. These masters did just what their title implies, they ascended directly up to heaven from their physical body after they left this mortal plain without using the same methods that our souls do, when they discorporate. In this article I will also mention a few of our Archangels for instance; Michael, Solomon and Saint Therese.

Now the Ascended Masters have volunteered to come to our aid when called upon, and as I only named just a few, many others that I haven’t mentioned have specific tasks that they perform just as the angelic beings I’ve mentioned here. However sometimes they work as a team and add to each other’s strengths which gives us their healing powers when we call on them. Now Doreen Virtue, has written some most wonderful and informative books of how she and other’s (her colleagues) have performed these tasks in connecting to these Divine beings, to know that they truly do speak and communicate with us, now and always.

First, You Must Have Faith that your prayer will be answered, and that they are indeed real! Now, the stronger the faith, the quicker the manifestation, and or evidence of your prayer will be; of being answered. Here is what the Ascended Masters I have named above do, when called upon, and how they hope that you invite/ invoke them to help you:

Ascended Masters:

Jesus –

He helps with clear communication with God, Divine guidance and direction, faith issues, forgiveness, healing of all kinds, manifestation and Miracles –

To invite/invoke; Jesus just picture Him standing in front of you. From your heart, send him as much love and respect as you can feel and imagine. You will instantly notice that the love is returned to you, magnified many times over. It has been experienced that you should continue to send and receive this love, monitoring your breath to make sure that you’re breathing in His healing energy. Now, at the same time, mentally tell Jesus anything that’s bothering you, minor or major. Pour your heart out to Him, and reveal your deepest secrets to him.

He’s absolutely trustworthy and will always use your information in a positive way. Ask Him to intervene and to give you direction as to how to heal the situation. It is also written that we don’t, by any means, tell Him how to heal it; just know that it’s in his loving hands, and that he will work directly with God to create a peaceful resolution for everyone involved. Then you are to give thanks to Him, and let go.

Moses –

He helps with authority figures, the dealings and negotiating with people, Clear communication with God, courage, faith, leadership, Miracles-working within and around us; only small miracles He said. But to us, in our personal lives they are big Miracles.

Like as in Moses’ life story; a testament of accepting a leadership role, even if you feel unsure or unqualified to perform your duty, if it is Divinely ordained, then we have no choice but to take of that task. You’ll find that Moses will, somehow, help you step up to the plate and do your best job possible. Anytime you feel unsure of your power or abilities, just call on Moses –

To invite/invoke Moses say: “Beloved Moses, please lend me your courage and help me to overcome fear, and cast out doubt. I ask you to fill my heart with faith in my God-given abilities. Please guide my words, ways, and actions so that I can lead and guide others according to God’s will. Thank you.”

Mary –

Helps with adopting children, all other issues related to children, support for those who help children, fertility, healing of all kinds and Mercy.

Mary comes to anyone who calls to her, regardless to that person’s religion or past behavior. She is all-loving and all-forgiving. When she appears you may smell fragrant flowers or see sparkles of cornflower-blue lights. You will feel a sense of peace and safety, as if a powerful and loving mother has just entered a child’s bedroom to chase away nightmares and replace them with sweet dreams –

To invite/invoke Mary just imagine or look at a picture or statue of her, or call her name loud or mentally: “Beloved Mary, Queen of the Angles and Mother of Jesus, I ask for your help [describe what your problem is.] Thank you for showering this situation/problem with your blessings, and giving me insight so that I may learn and grow from this experience. Thank you for showing me God’s will so that we all may have peace.”


Michael –

Michael is in charge of the order of the angels known as the, “Virtues,” and he oversees the light worker’s life purpose. Michael has a chief function, but I’ll allow you to purchase Doreen Virtue, PhD’s book and read that for yourself. Now Michael guides and directs those who feel lost or stuck with respect to their “Divine Life Purpose” or career path. It is said that Michael can stimulate the unmotivated or fearful into action, and Michael provides clear guidance about which step to take next.

He helps with commitment and dedication to your beliefs, courage, direction, energy and vitality, all aspects of life’s purpose, motivation, protection, space clearing, releasing of spirit, worthiness and increased self-esteem –

Call on Michael whenever you feel afraid or vulnerable. He will instantly come to your side, lending you courage and ensuring your safety, both physically and emotionally. You’ll feel his warrior-like presence next to you in much the same way that a loving bodyguard would protect you. Anyone who might have intended to harm you will, instantly, have a change of mind.

You don’t have to say a formal invitation/invocation for Michael to show up; for anyone who calls to him. For instance, just think something like: “Archangel Michael, please come to me know, I need your help!” [describe the situation, mentally]. You’ll know that Michael’s there with you when you sense his characteristic warm energy around you; you begin to feel hot.

Solomon –

Solomon was the King of Israel, following his father, King David’s reign in the 900 B.C. era. In light of King David’s intensity, Solomon was viewed as a gentle, and wise man that blended alchemy and Judaic mysticism with common sense and wisdom. When you read Doreen Virtue’s book “Archangels & Ascended Masters”, for yourself, you will be enlightened and grateful for all of the work that she; and others put into compiling this information. Doreen wrote that Solomon says, “Poetry is the name of life. Poetry is artistry in motion. For it’s not the accumulation of knowledge to which we’re aspiring, but the ability to live life in a grander, more fluid, and more aristocratic fashion. To take charge through godliness of your inner demons and squeeze out all

excess so that you may truly reign with princely power over your domain. Get control of all your faculties. Handle addictions and patterns directly, and be free — free to rule, free to live, and free to express your inward callings in boundless ways.” –

He helps with cabalistic understanding, Divine magic, joy, manifestation, space clearing, releasing the Spirit within, wisdom and understanding.

Call upon Solomon to help you with any difficult or seemingly impossible situation. As a Divine magician, he’ll direct sacred energy to support you – just say:

“Solomon, O Solomon, I need your help and assistance, please, and I need it now. Please come to me and shine light on this situation [describe the situation to him] and help loosen the chains of fear and un-forgiveness. I need a miracle, and I need it now. Help resolve this matter, and lift me out of the trenches of darkness. Thank you for your wisdom and courage, and for providing the perfect solution for this matter.”

Saint Therese –

She is a powerful and loving, healing saint from France. You’ll know that she’s heard your prayer when you see or smell roses. She was born, “Therese Martin in 1873”, and at age 15 became a nun at a Carmelite convent. At the young age of 24 she passed away. Many people report verified healings after praying to Saint Therese or visiting her relics. As Therese lay dying in 1897, she said, “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses.” Since that time, she’s been associated with those beautiful flowers. For that reason, she’s the patron saint of florists; however she helps with so much more, particularly in the area of physical healing.

Saint Therese helps with gardening – especially flowers, healing all forms of illness or injury, airplane pilots and airline crews, Spiritual counseling –

To invite/invoke her it is said that Catholics normally recite the “Novena Rose Prayer” to ask for Saint Therese’s blessings. Non-Catholics may also request this loving saint’s assistance. It is said that if you practice this devotion for 9 to 24 days, you’ll see a rose as a sign that your request has been heard and granted.

“O Little Therese of the Child Jesus, please pick for me a rose from the heavenly gardens and send it to me as a message of love. O Little Flower of Jesus, ask God today to grant the favors I now place with confidence in your hands [now mention your specific requests]. Saint Therese, help me to always believe as you did in God’s great love for me so that I might imitate your ‘Little Way’ each day, Amen.”

Doreen says that when you invite these beings into your life to help you, you don’t necessarily have to use the invitation/invocation that is written here, just be open, honest and faithful that your request will be answered and ready to accept the help that they send you. I can honestly say that you will be amazed how help comes to you; in the way of an answer to your prayer(s).

Now these are but a few of the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are with the Creator (of all things) and it is said that they gladly help mankind to perform our Divine-Life-Mission and to assist all Light workers and Earth Angels, everywhere, to perform their earthly duties to heal and make the way clear for what’s to come on this world and within our personal lives.

I don’t get paid, from Doreen or her publisher’s to write about or direct anyone to her books, I just found an “aha” moment when I started reading them, and thought that you might find some too!

Are you an Earth Angel/Light worker? Decipher your numbers and see what the angels are trying to tell you.

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