Affairs in Marriage – Why Do Women Cheat on Their Husbands?

We hear it almost every now and then about affairs in marriage. Many people when it comes to about cheating spouses, they will think that it is the husband who cheats on the wife. However, this is not always true. Women cheat on their husbands is also very common now.

Women and men behave very differently. For example, women can talk to their girlfriend for hours, but whereas for men to bond with their friends could be just watching soccer matches together. See the difference? So, why do women cheat on their husbands?

Emotional needs
Women cheat for emotional reasons. Whether it is boredom in the marriage or when women start to feel that there is a lack of communication in their marriage, they desire for attention. Have you ever heard your wife saying “We used to chat non-stop, but now you seem not very interested in talking and listening to me.” Understanding and care is important to a woman or else it may just lead to an affair.

Satisfaction needs
Sometimes women cheat because they are unhappy. They want to look for something new to make them feel alive and attractive again. Some women will feel insecure when they get older and they start to doubt the way they look and when men cannot assure them and provide this security, they seek it elsewhere.

Needs space
When a marriage is filled with many problems such as never-ending arguments, financial or family issues for a long time, the wife may cheat the husband just to escape from the problems. It is just like yearning for a break free or space to breath and rest. So, couples should learn to handle problems in the marriage together, if not the relationship will become lope-sided.

Other various reasons on why women cheat on their husband could be because of romance, disappointment, infidelity and many others. You should never overlook to solve the problems in the marriage and remember never stop to create excitement for the marriage!

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