Adult Day Care and Mother In-Law Suite – A Winning Combination!

Like many Americans today facing the difficult choices of caring for an aging parent or loved one, you may be considering the popular option of adding or remodeling your home to include a mother in-law suite. You may be considering this solution after learning about the frightening statistics of abuse that occur every year in nursing facilities. The yearly estimated 2.1 million older Americans who are the victims of physical, emotional neglect, and other forms of abuse make it pretty easy to want to keep your loved on close to home and under you care.

For most people the sticking point is the time commitment involved in having your loved under you care and in your home. Wile you sincerely want to keep them safe and secure you may question weather or not you are able to give them the time and attention they need. Thankfully there is a wonderful solution that is providing families all over America with a great way to have the best of all worlds both for you and your loved one, adult daycare.

What is Adult Daycare?

Adult day care provides a supervised and safe place for seniors to experience mental stimulation, socialization, and many times to take part in crafts, games, and other activities for a few hours each day in a comfortable homelike setting. This is healthy for your loved one, but also provides the family members at home with some personal time and space. After all it is vitally important for you to take car of yourself first so that you are equipped to be a good caregiver to your loved one.

A Winning Combination

The adult day care service that you choose will provide you with the time and space you need to maintain your lifestyle and independence while keeping your loved one happy and socially engaged. The in-law suite gives you the assurance that your loved one is safe and well cared for in your own home. Other benefits of an in-law suite include, no daily trips to nursing facilities, adds to the value of your home, enables senior to be included in family activities, ensures their safety from abuse or neglect, and it can cost less to build an in-law suite than only one year of nursing home care. The benefits of adult day care and building a mother in-law suite equal a winning combination for a happy and healthy life for you and your family.

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