A Look at Exterior Venetian Blinds

Until recently most exterior venetian blinds were found primarily on storefronts, office buildings, and doors in business districts. They were chosen for the ability to provide security to the business and were not chosen for decorative appeal. Today, there is much more flexibility when choosing them and they are growing in popularity.

They are made for home use are manufactured using wood, aluminum, metal, and other fabricated materials. They can be chosen for both function and style and used with many decors. An individual is given many choices when selecting the appropriate blinds for their business or home.

Covering showroom windows and doors requires a heavy-duty blind that is made from steel or reinforced aluminum. These are usually made of pressed or stamped slats that contain a membrane, which allows the slats flexibility. They may open and close horizontally or vertically depending on the needs of the user.

Many of the heavy-duty blinds include motors that allow a person more ease in opening and closing. They use a remote control device that raises and lowers the blind. In some cases an individual may have a cord that will allow them to manually raise and lower them. Vertical blinds usually have a slat containing a built in handle that allows the user to open and shut the blinds with ease. They are built with an upper and lower frame that reinforces its strength when it is closed.

Reinforced aluminum slats are used in most doorway blinds. These are lighter and easier for an individual to manipulate. They have a locking mechanism that attaches to the wall or surface on the exterior of the building. In some cases a large vertical blind will be controlled by a remote device that opens and closes them using a switch or hand held control.

Blinds that are used primarily in business districts are powder coated or wet painted. These are usually grey and have a paint resistant coating. The coating prevents graffiti from being sprayed on them. In some cases a business will have a special design coating manufactured that creates a logo or business name when the blinds are closed.

Exterior blinds are becoming very popular among homeowners. They have proven themselves to be versatile and an excellent way to protect valuable windows. When an individual has them made for their home, they are able to special order to fit irregular or special made windows. The blinds can be used to enhance the architecture of a building.

The blinds used on homes are often dipped in color before they are assembled. In some cases a tint is added to the aluminum to create a color that replicates bronze or some other expensive metal. They give the home added texture and enhance the shape and design of the building.

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