3 Ways That Autoresponders Can Motivate Your Downline Members

Internet technologies increasingly shape the way people market affiliate products and build network marketing organizations. Gone are the days when cold-calling, house parties, and lead purchasing were the main options for becoming successful. Now, home-base entrepreneurs (“solopreneurs”) in particular are invading cyberspace, turning the referral marketing model on its head to make money online.

Although the stampede into Internet “network” marketing shows no signs of abating, many marketers still find it challenging to motivate their downlines to perform at a steady pace. Unlike other sales and retail business models, network marketing income really does depend on an active downline. Therefore, it’s high time you ramped up your team leadership by introducing strong autoresponder campaigns into the mix.

With autoresponders, there is no excuse for not keeping contact with your downline and providing them with the support it expects from you. The quality of your correspondence will keep affiliates active, which in turn improves your bottom line. It’s all about communication, so consider the following three ideas for your autoresponder message sequence:

1. Positive Messages Galore!

There’s nothing more uplifting for a downline member/subscriber than a few words of encouragement. Add motivational quotes and a bit of humor to your words of wisdom. Consider acknowledging your top performers in a monthly or quarterly autoresponder, and keep everyone focused with achievable goals for the short and long term.

2 Product and Service Information.

The downfall of many Internet Marketers today is the failure to grasp meaningful product knowledge. As team leader, you must provide any and all details that your downline demands – and then some. Autoresponders are perfectly suited for this task. Once your core messages are in place, beginners have a stable example to follow, and you only have to update them when necessary. In many cases, just a little information is sufficient to keep members on track.

3. Practical Sales and Marketing tips.

Most of your downline consists of part-timers without formal sales experience. Even if you are not a hardened salesperson yourself, you can use autoresponders to convey personal experiences and suggest winning strategies and tactics. When it comes to Internet sales, you may know more than you think, so begin with the basics and incorporate any feedback you get to fine tune your downline autoresponder.

Although most people come into network marketing with good intentions, the failure rate remains stubbornly high because very few make the time to properly learn marketing. As a leader, your duty is to do whatever you can (within reason) to support your downline’s efforts. What seems obvious to you may not appear so evident to your members, so take the time to load autoresponders that will elevate their performance.

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