100 Year Mortgage Program Lets You Buy a House With No Bank Qualifying!

If you have been blocked from buying your own home or investment property because you could not qualify for a bank mortgage…The answer is Seller Financing!

Seller financing is perfect for the self employed, small business owner, foreign nationals and people with Really Bad Credit!

Most seller financing programs will provide up to 100 year mortgage terms, fixed or adjustable; or even interest only mortgages for buyers who cannot or don’t want to bank qualify!

All the joy of home ownership are yours immediately without; producing bank statements, credit or FICO score requirements, debt ratios, income tax returns or financial statements!

Imagine the pride you will feel announcing to your family, friends and co-workers the great news that you finally bought a house!

See their warm, admiring smiles as you walk them through your new home or investment property. Catch their approving nods and winks!

With seller financing, you will have the option of having all the financial benefits of owning real estate immediately available to you:

* Mortgage interest and real estate Tax write offs. These could reduce your net monthly payment to less than you would pay to rent the property!

* Property appreciation, get rich while you sleep in your new home!

* Equity buildup resulting from the pay-down of the mortgage

* The right to rent out the property for income

* Income-Shielding Depreciation on income property.

Properly structured, seller financing programs can also provide you with bullet-proof asset protection!

The same type Bill Gates, the Rockefellers, Buffetts, etc. and other wealthy owners of real estate use to maintain privacy and to prevent their property from falling prey to creditors, judgments, lawsuits and liens even IRS liens!

How do you locate properties you can purchase with seller financing? You can get started looking for your dream house today!

We suggest that you locate 7-10 properties in your area that you would love to own. They can be sold by Owner, (http://www.fsbo.com/) or are for rent (http://www.rentals.com/). Or check your local newspapers.

Contact the owners of the properties you are interested in. Take a look at the house and if you are interested, find out what the sale price or monthly rental is, then ask the owner one question:

If he could sell it for his full asking price, as long as it is not more than the market price, could he afford to take his equity, if any, in monthly payments?

Equity is the amount of the value of the house that exceeds his mortgage.

For example, if the house is worth $100,000 and he owes $80,000, he would have $20,000 equity. the plan would pay out this amount to him on a monthly payout over several years.

Or if it is a rental, ask him if he would be interested in a long term, 3 year or longer lease purchase, at the end of which the balance of the purchase price would be paid off.

Click on the link to submit the names, telephone numbers and email addresses of the owners along with details of the property to the Seller Finance Center,

Mail: sellerfinancecenter.com/ where it will be distributed to various seller finance sources.

They will verify the information with you and contact the owners of the property and attempt to negotiate a deal to allow you to buy the house with seller financing.

To qualify for seller financing,you must have enough up-front cash to offset the risks of offering you 6 figure financing without the benefit of the stringent safe guards demanded by banks.

You will also have to demonstrate that you are able to carry the financing and the other costs of owning the home. Unlike with banks, there are no set scores or ratios that you will have to meet. Weaker situations, or larger purchase prices will simply require more cash up front.

Seller financing could be the big break you and your family were looking for that will enable you to finally buy that dream home or investment property today!

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